Vertical Rush

Register your interest for Vertical Rush 2015!

Are you ready to power up the tower for Vertical Rush, the UK’s original, tallest, toughest tower-running challenge?

Whether you race on your own or in a team, you’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views of London’s iconic skyline when you hit the 42nd floor finish line! And when you’re ready, come back down to earth and join the celebrations with our post-race reception, where you can check your results.

In the past five years, an incredible 4,500 runners have raised more than £1.2 million to help families facing homelessness. But every 11 minutes another family in Britain loses their home. In that time you could power up the tower, and help Team Shelter reach its target of £578,000. That’s enough to help over 3,000 families by keeping two Shelter housing advice centres running for over a year.

So, whether you’re a Vertical Rush veteran or new to tower running, will you join us now for the ultimate vertical challenge?

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